YHD-101S noob wanting to use internal slicer


The header, lift sequence, footer and preslice work in an identical manner, so if you want the settings to be exactly like Creation Workshop, then all you need to do is set those gcode options.

However, if you would like to have Photonic control your shutter when it believes it should turn the shutter on or off, you need to place that gcode in the shutter section.

It’s the similar situation for lift speed and lift distance. They are optional(as the heading states) and they are only used if you would like to change these settings as a print is underway, but it needs to know which gcodes to use during the print:

Unlike CW, the syntax of the template engine, FreeMarker is fairly well documented. Basically, you write whatever you’d like inside of the curly braces ${ExpressionHere}.

So, based on the variables here, you convert this very difficult to understand syntax from CW:
G1{$SlideTiltVal != 0? X($SlideTiltVal * -1):} Z(($LayerThickness-$ZLiftDist) * $ZDir)

to a FreeMarker built-in documented here to something like this:
G1${(SlideTiltVal != 0)?then(" X" + (SlideTiltVal * -1), "")} Z${(LayerThickness-ZLiftDist) * ZDir}

or if you happen to like a syntax that is much easier to read…
<#if SlideTiltVal != 0>
G1 X${SlideTiltVal * -1} Z${(LayerThickness-ZLiftDist) * ZDir}
G1 Z${(LayerThickness-ZLiftDist) * ZDir}

Next you might find that the values that are being sent to the printer are all out of wack and it starts performing some strange actions. That’s because you are using variables and it’s engaged the advanced calculators here:

If these calculators are crazy and unhelpful, just wipe them out.