YHD-101S noob wanting to use internal slicer


My shiny new YHD-101S arrived, and only works with CW. I want to fiddle around with my models in Print Studio or whatever, and then upload them as STL files and print directly, which I understand is supported.

Now I did try that, but while the platform moved up for every layer, the LED/LCD did not turn on and the peeling action didn’t happen either.

I emailed the vendor, and his reply was rather lacking any sort of useful information other than “it’s missing g-code, don’t use your software”. Ironic, because Photonic3D came installed.

So, what am I missing? I have hunted around these forums but am so out of my depth I do not know where to start. Having said that, I have an FDM printer I have been using for ages now so I am not a noob to 3D printing, just SLA.


Well he’s correct in that it’s missing the gcode. He should have also told you that they didn’t take the time to setup the printer before they shipped it. Did you happen to install a printer, or did it come with a printer already installed?


The printer came with Photonic3D pre-installed on an internal RPi.


Are u using creation workshop to perform the slicing right now?


If so, we can import your gcode settings from there.


Yes, I am and thanks for that lead as well as the patience and time you are taking to help me out! My assumption is the vendor pre-configured CW. I will hunt around and see if I can figure this out for myself, and will report back with my success or lack thereof. Probably the latter, but who knows…


Hi @danilius ,

Since it seems we get more and more users with that printer I’ll add a printer profile for your printer :slight_smile: But to be able to do that I need a bit of your help since I need the gcode headers for your printer.

To find these please in CW go to :

  • Configure
  • Configure slicing profile
  • Gcode

Than on the left you see titles like “start”, “lift” etc if you click those you’ll see the gcode in that header :wink:

Please post all headers on here for me in the format :

Gcode in the headers

Gcode in the headers

And so on :slight_smile:



;********** Header Start ********

;Here you can set any G or M-Code which should be executed BEFORE the build process
G21 ;Set units to be mm
G91 ;Relative Positioning
M17 ;Enable motors
G28 Z0
;********** Header End **********
M106 S255


;********** Pre-Slice Start ********
;Set up any GCode here to be executed before a lift
;********** Pre-Slice End **********


M106 S0
;********** Lift Sequence ********
G1{$SlideTiltVal != 0? X$SlideTiltVal:} Z($ZLiftDist * $ZDir) F$ZLiftRate
G1{$SlideTiltVal != 0? X($SlideTiltVal * -1):} Z(($LayerThickness-$ZLiftDist) * $ZDir) F$ZRetractRate
; %d$BlankTime
M106 S255
;********** Lift Sequence **********


;********** Footer Start ********
;Here you can set any G or M-Code which should be executed after the last Layer is Printed
M18 ;Disable Motors
M106 SO
G1 Z40
;********** Footer End ********


Thanks! I’ll sort it tonight and do a PR to our dev repo :slight_smile:

Do you happen to know the following details as well though :

XY resolution (for example 1080x1920)


Width if the active part of the screen in MM
Height if the active part of the screen in MM


Pixel density width (for example 10px/mm)
Same for the height


Awesome. I copied the info from the vendor’s page:
Resolution : 2560*1440
Density: 537 PPI
Screen: 121mm x 68mm

If you need any more info I am happy to help.


Hi @danilius

I just started on the promised printer profile but it seems really similar to the Wanhao D7 settings. There are minor changes but I think they’re interchangeable and the active area seems a little bit different but I don’t believe this to be true since they all seem to use the same screen!

I created the Wanhao D7 profile some weeks ago so it’s even already available in the stable version of photonic! Would you mind trying the following steps for me in photonic:

  • Go to printer list
  • Delete all printers
  • Click Wanhao D7 to install this profile
  • print a cube (from .stl) with this from which you know the dimensions.

Please measure this and let us know how it went :slight_smile:!

One difference in handling is that with the Wanhao D7 you need to home before pressing print while with your Gcode it homes when it starts a print.

If this doesn’t work I’ll still make you your profile :wink: ! I might do that anyway to make it easy for users to recognize the right profile, I’ll discuss this with the other devs :wink:


OK, I’m a little nervous about deleting the current printer, being rather new to all this. Although I know the important bits can be downloaded, is it easy to restore a printer?


Yes no worries! We are here to help you :slight_smile:


I created a new Wanhao D7-based printer, but got the following message: “Couldn’t determine model of projector on port:/dev/ttyUSB0”


Also now when I try to setup a printer or modify one, I get a “server error” with a blank message.


Tried deleting the Wanhao printer, to get a working printer back. Deleting that printer went OK, and I managed to re-create the original printer, but when trying to delete it (I’m trying to get the g-code from the Wanhao) I got this error: “Error On deletePrinter
Printer configuration doesn’t exist for:KLD-2150-T1”

The printer is still listed, so I’m quite mystified.


BTW, when uploading something, the dialog box does not go away after the upload is complete, I have to press cancel.


Looks like the installation is pretty hosed and the printer is not going to work as it is. I can’t get back to a useable configuration, so if you can tell me how to get back to where I was, that would be great! I really want to get back to printing as soon as possible.


the difference between my Gcode and yours are these:

1.- In the Header section the line where it is (; Blank)
My code is <Slice> Blank

2.- In the lift sequence it should be
;<Delay> %d$BlankTime

I am printing sliced files from CW. My wish is if Wes let’s us import SLC files or SVGX


I don’t know why it changed the text