Wanhao Duplicator D7 Compatibility


Hello, i’m a totally newbie on sla printers, can you please help me understand if a wanhao d7 lcd printer can work with this awesome piece of software?


It’s pretty likely. The xml configuration files you use from CreationWorkshop used to be a direct drop in replacement. Otherwise you can start from scratch by copying the gcode out of CreationWorkshop and placing it into Photonic3D. The gcode templating in Photonic is quite a bit more sophisticated than CreationWorkshop, so it generally needs a bit of tweaking to convert to the standard freemarker syntax. If you aren’t sure if something will work, just hit the “test” button and see if Photonic “likes” your gcode. If you need help, the help popup window has quite a bit of syntax help available.


Ok i get it connected finally, but i can’t get the led on, it tries to find a projector that here of course doesn’t exist. Any solution for getting the projector trigger on the led?


Nice job. This is going to take a bit of specific knowledge of your printer to determine how to turn that on. I assume that there is a certain gcode that turns your LED screen on? If it’s not a gcode, we’d need to understand how that is done. To help understand how this works, we can research a bit about how and when Creation Workshop is turning on your LED screen. Then we’ll just duplicate that.

After you’ve done that research, attempt to plugin those gcodes into the manual gcode execution and see if you can turn the screen on manually.

If you haven’t already done this, make sure you don’t select a projector where it says: Projector Serial Port.


Honestly i can’t find anyting about that on Creation Workshop, i’m really confused. I don’t want to use nanodlp because it sucks compared to this, but this seems to be with dlp in mind and not that flex. I have no idea of what to do for make this run.


Hi @ComicBit,

You might be in luck :slight_smile: I was planning on making it D7 compatible at some point and just did some quick research. The bits of code Wes wanted you to find are these :

  "gCodeHeader": "G21 ;Set units to be mm\nG91 ;Relative Positioning\nM17 ;Enable motors\nM106 S255 ;Enable LED array",
  "gCodeFooter": "M106 S0 ;Turn OFF LED array\nG1 Z100.0 F150.0\nG04 P30000\nM18 ;Disable Motors",
  "gCodePreslice": null,
  "gCodeLift": "M106 S0 ;Disale LED array\nG1 Z(${ZLiftDist} * ${ZDir}) F{${CURSLICE} < $ZNumLiftFirstLayers?$ZLiftBtmRate:${ZLiftRate}}\nG1 Z((${LayerThickness}-${ZLiftDist}) * ${ZDir}) F$ZRetractRate\n;<Delay> %d$BlankTime\nM106 S255 ;Enable LED array",
  "gCodeShutter": null, 

The Gcode that probably turns your LED array on is M106 255 and the Gcode that turns your LED array off is M106 S0. I have no Wanhao D7 myself so would you mind and try this out for me? Just go to printer controls and enter manual Gcode :slight_smile:

I will try to import a printer profile for the Wanhao D7 this week, but I need somebody to test it since it’s obviously pretty hard without the printer :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok so I got bored and just made a test profile :smile: I think it will work but I have no way to verify, the exposure times most likely will be wrong though!

If you want to give it a try you can either wait untill Wes accepted my pull request and than it will be available in your current install. Or you can edit your config.properties file.

If you know how to SSH into the pi than do that and use the following commands :

sudo nano /opt/cwh/config.properties

navigate with the bottom arrow to the bottom of the file untill you find PrinterProfileRepo and replace Wesgilster/Photonic3D with duplicate-wes/Photonic3D .

Save the file by pressing ctrl + x enter “y” and than send the command :
sudo reboot

(this is overkill just easy)

if it gives you an error about nano not being installed run :
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nano


Lol for the nano tips ahahah
Thanks for helping i will test the profile later and i’ll write here my results. You was so fast!


You are familair with the text editor Nano than (it was not an reference to nanoDLP, nano is just my favourite command line text editor :slight_smile:) ? Sorry I wasn’t sure how known you where with linux :slight_smile: !


Yeah that was fast Robin. Don’t forget, you can test random gcode on your printer with the “Execute Gcode” function…


hi @ComicBit ,

Did you get a chance to test it already? Did it work?


Hello, unfortunately the only raspberry that i have right now is a Raspberry Pi Zero! And i can’t get it working with the wanhano display. I have to wait until the new Pi 3 will arrives…


Allright thanks for the update!


UPDATE: Finally i relalized that Photonic3D works on Windows so i had a chance to test it! After a little bit of tweaking i get it working but i don’t trust it on windows as much to make it run for a print. The problem is on display configuration, on 2th try i’ve get it working. After that try for me was almost impossible to get the Java window on the correct monitor for displaying the image. On the current windows realase i can’t save and on the development branch is impossible to make work the display.

PS: why the name that appears on the latest build is PrintFlow3D and not Photonic3D?


hi @ComicBit,

What exactly can’t you save in the stable version? And from where did you test, Wes’s repo? Printflow3D is a costumization and shouldn’t be in the main version at Wes or Area515… So if that shows somewhere I messed up with my pull requests… I’ll change it back to Photonic3D!


The version where i am right now is the cwh-WesGilster-572e4f4.zip
Dowloaded from here

In the stable i can’t save the modification that i made to the Printer Configuration (like the Printer port or the display number)

PS: The edit problem is present on raspberry too to me…


Whoops I found out why… When Wes compiled his version I forgot to change the windows updating start.bat to Wes’s branch… So your running a costumized version for me atm… Sorry for that!

I did a new pull to correct my mistake but me and wes were still debating over it ;)! This can be found here :

I’ll see if I can get it properly implemented tonight! Sorry!


I’m glad to help :smiley:


I wrote a fix for the windows issue and did an PR here : https://github.com/WesGilster/Photonic3D/pull/24

If Wes agrees and recompiles his code it should be resolved for you :slight_smile:! I also added the possibility to install the windows version just from that start.bat file. But to make this work the dependencies will need to be loaded into area515 our main repo… So hopefully soon!


Any news on the save bug? Am i the only one with this problem?