USB Upload Configuration


Dear All,
i 'm trying to use the USB upload to print something from the USB stick without results.

I checked the line:

and everything is OK, but nothing happend.

I see that Photonic3D put the uploaded files into:

but inside the “” there is this line:{“configuredRoots”:["/media", “/storage”]}

I have to change something?

Thank you


Your first step is to make sure your OS allows auto-mounting. If you are running in Windows, you shouldn’t have to do anything. Java doesn’t seem to support automounting roots in Linux very well, so, you need to change the configuredRoots to automount. Generally Linux automounts USB drives with the root names /media or /storage. If your distro automounts to a different root, you will need to add your location to that list of roots like this:{"configuredRoots":["/media", "/storage", "/MyUSBLocationName"]}

All of this assumes that you are using the latest dev version of course.


Thank you,
i will try to add my location as you wrote!!!