Upload status


Would love to see a status bar, wheel, percentage… Whatever. That will show the status up file uploads


That feature is already available… Could you send us your browser details and attempt to upload a very large file? Sometimes it happens so fast that the status bar doesn’t have time to refresh.


I apologize that this took so long.

Here is the image when uploading…


The status bar is on the previous screen when you upload the file.


That screen disappears immediately once I press upload. It very nicely slides upward


Then as I said in my original email, the upload happens so fast that the status bar doesn’t have time to appear and refresh itself.


I am pretty sure that is not the case since there are no printables listed even after a long wait and a refresh.


Your original request was to see a status bar. Are you now saying uploads don’t work?


I was assuming uploads were working. I am not sure since I was not aware of how the status bar worked or had no reference for the process or interface.

Small files seem to upload fine and quickly. Large files take a long time, have no status window, or hang. But I am not sure which one. How can I tell?


If you are attempting to upload a large file that isn’t printable, it will never show up. If the file is printable it will accept it and show on the page. If your browser doesn’t support web sockets, that notification may never reach your browser and you’ll need to refresh the page manually If you are wondering if the upload is still operating, you can take a diagnostic download and check yourself or upload the diagnostic here and we can determine if the file is still uploading.


ok, great, I feel like I’m in the wrong forum then sorry.

I will post diagnostic.

Doesn’t Chrome support web sockets?LogBundle (2).zip (47.0 KB)


Yes, Chrome does support web sockets. From the diagnostic, there wasn’t an upload in progress when it was taken. In fact, you uploaded a diagnostic for which there was barely any activity at all. Only about 3 seconds worth:
2017-11-22 20:01:23,529
2017-11-22 20:01:26,613

During that time, there wasn’t any uploads attempted. It seems you were attempting some media streaming with the photonic3d camera that caused the logs to wrap and we missed the target period of time that you attempted something. The next time to take a diagnostic, make sure there isn’t any other activity that causes us to miss your event.