Screen blanking


Hello everyone,

I’ve spent most of this week setting up a Duplicator 7 and everything seems to finally be working except that the screen blanks out by the time I press print. Does anyone know how to disable the screen blank (and any other power down options)? All the other forums I could find seem to be outdated.


Never had trouble with that. Let me know how this works:


There were a bunch of other issues I had to sort out mainly due to the pi not recognizing the screen and the Gcode didn’t seem to be working with the D7 profile. Good news is I got it working last night!! If you guys want the profile I can upload it tomorrow along with the changes to the config.txt file needed to get the display working.

thank you guys for making this software and the support you offer


Nice Job. Sure, I’ll take a look at it and diff the existing D7 profile with yours to see how different it is. Did you start with the community profile as a starting point?


I started with the D7 profile included but changed it when I started troubleshooting stuff. Although the Gcode tester accepted the community Gcode, what it was actually send the printer didn’t make sense from what I understand about Gcode. I could be wrong but shouln’t the tester return Gcode with no reference to variables? Photonic 3D also didn’t a ZRetractRate variable.

The Raspbian doesn’t recognize the 2560*1440 resolution so I had to append this to /boot/config.txt

hdmi_cvt=1440 2560 48

which I found on a forum. (152.2 KB)


Yes, you are correct Matt the tester should not show variables. The tester should show the exact gcode that the printer will interpret. Sounds like we should take a look at what you’ve provided here. Thanks.