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dear sir;

I’m working on my own 3D dlp printer, and I would like a touch screen (Nextion), how I can use your touch screen platform/ software, is it open source, I like your GUI.



Yep. It doesn’t take anything special to run the touchscreen. Just start your browser and browse to http://localhost:9091 Then run your browser in full screen mode.

The wiki describes how to setup your own customized skins. Nothing special, just upload your html to the Raspberry Pi and point Photonic3d to your new skin.


yes thanks for your replay;

now I have the html, java script, css files, so, I have to upload it to the raspberry, then add this comment skins=[{“name”:“Main skin”, “welcomeFiles”:[“index.html”], “resourceBase”: “resourcesnew”, “active”: true},{“name”:“Touch Screen”, “welcomeFiles”:[“MyHomeFile.html”], “resourceBase”: “directory of my files”, “active”: true}]

to the that I have to create in usr/chw because it is not appear.

is it right ?


Yep. Remember you are doing all of this for a custom skin and it’s not really necessary if you just want to use your touchscreen.

What you have is fine other than the fact that you need to replace “directory of my files” with your directory /usr/cwh (or wherever you put it) etc…

Remember, you can have more than one skin active at once so don’t get yourself confused by calling the html files the same name as other skins. It will attempt to find the skins(and files) based upon the order that you put them in that config file.


thanks for your replay;

i had the printflow skin in my localhost:9091

but it does not work; I think I have to download the firmware of printflow in my 3d printer.
so, where i can find this firmware file ?



Skins don’t have anything to do with firmware. I’m not sure what firmware you are looking for.


i’m confused, how the printflow GUI can work on my 3D printer ?
I mean I can’t print.


I’ve told you how to install it, and you’ve told me how you installed it. That sounds fine to me. Keep in mind that I can’t test everyone’s GUI(there are 78 forks) to ensure every operation is compatible with the mainstream of Photonic. More specifically, Photocentric didn’t work with me to ensure compatibility with the main fork. That being said, I can’t see why they would have fooled around with the print function.

If you’d like to be much more specific about “I mean I can’t print.” I’ll see what I can do to help.


I mean that, is there any firmware should I upload to the arduino? because the cwh couldn’t recognize my printer.


No new firmware is required.


thanks for your time



I’m using nanodlp firmware, does it work with cwh dashbored.


Does nanodlp firmware use gcode?


Actually, even if it doesn’t use gcode, it will probably still work as long as it uses a serial port to communicate.

For printers that don’t use a serial port and drive steppers directly, you need to use the Javascript printer like this:


i’m trying all my best, the problem is cwh could’t recognize the printer, I can control the stepper motor but couldn’t determine model of projector on port:/dev/ttyAMA0 Close. when I send some thing to print the projector turned one automatically but there is no thing in the lcd screen. that’s why I couldn’t determine the problem exactly.

i appreciate your efforts in helping the people here.


You’ve hijacked this thread and this thread has nothing to do with your troubleshooting issues. Please describe the physical connections in your new thread. It doesn’t sounds like you’ve setup the hdmi connection. It might be nice to see a picture of your setup.


yes you are right, I had a problem with HDMI connection, I solved the problem, now the printer is working properly, I want to create new skin and good GUI,

my question is when I upload the new skin, does I have to change some thing inside or just uploading the GUI and change the skins command?



Congrats. To your question about the skins, yes. It’s really not that complicated, just upload the skin, change the and restart photonic3D to pickup those changes.

If you’d like to experiment a bit without having to restart Photonic3D, just add a few files to the existing skin and experiment a bit in the browser.

Start simple and get more complicated, change colors, fonts, icons and such. Then move on to more complicated changes.


thanks a lot, I’m trying to do that. I will inform you what will happen.


Sounds great. We’d all love to hear about your progress, but please open a different thread. :slight_smile: