PrintFlow3D download


Now do a Raspberry Pi update:
sudo rpi-update

@jkao @Robin I’m really beginning to wonder if starting with the Rasbian-Lite is worth the trouble. Have you guys ever thought about starting with the full package and paring it down to what we want?


This is actually what I do with TinkerOS. I mainly strip things like the login manager lightdm and it’s dependencies. Since the size of our image is far from criticatal and as long as the additional installed sevices don’t use too much resources I would be totally fine with that!


Thank you! That DID in fact activate Raspberry Pi Force TV again. I just have to see what is causing my screen to be shifted.


Yep, I didn’t forget. I just need to focus on one problem at a time. Technically we really should be focusing on solving each of these problems in a different thread. The main topic of this thread is way lost and I’m afraid most users will be lost by this point. :slight_smile: Oh well.

Before we go on to that step I have a favor to ask. I need you to compile your precise steps you took to get to this point, as they are clearly different than the ones I tried. Once I can reproduce your problem, I’ll solve it on my end. I’m not trying to discourage you from doing it yourself, but I’m just trying to keep your frustration level in check. :slight_smile:


I will start a new thread. Want me to call it compiling issues? You tell me.


I thought this was just “half screen display” problem?


We aren’t really doing any compiling here.


I am just saying as a WHOLE. not only just the current issue :wink:


Wonder if it is partially due to me putting lcd_rotate=2 in my config.txt file so my cables are connected through the top (The way it is designed to sit) instead of sitting on them?


Nice catch. Very possible. Those little details are the things that we generally leave out of instructions since they seem irrelevant, but it’s best to keep them in.


The original problem of getting Photonic3d to run in the on the touch screen was solved very quickly. However then we moved on to solve many other issues:

  1. Removed the borders on kweb.
  2. Ensured that it ran after boot.
  3. Determine why XWindows was being sabotaged.
  4. Determine why bcm_host was being uninstalled.
  5. Now we are fixing a strange “half display” in kweb problem.

I understand you are saying that they are all one “whole” issue(for you), but each one of those issues would have been a nice conversation topic in itself. For example, if I’m a new user and wanted to know how to remove the borders in kweb, I’ve got quite a long read ahead of myself to find that snippit.

To be honest, this is more my fault, because I should have asked for different topics at each step we took. Don’t worry about it, your doing great. We’ll keep trucking on… :slight_smile:


Once it is fully figured out, I will make a post for each issue to make it easier for others :wink: I also see an addition of Skins in the settings tab :slight_smile: :star_struck:


You can thank Robin for the skins addition. It’s a pretty good start.


Thank you @Robin for the implementation start of the Skin Setup. :slight_smile:


I’m thinking that we might as well use the standard install and not pare it down. The problem with paring is that exactly what you might be taking out is not always intuitive, which has broken the image before. There doesn’t seem to be much benefit to deviating from stock, since that’s where any independent user would start.


That makes sense. Does the stock image have a bunch of apps that startup and chew on ram? That might be the only reason to stay away from it.


i don’t think so, it’s still designed to run on the RPi and it’s what most people install, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Any updates on this wonderful project? :wink:


I was waiting for the steps to reproduce your “half showing” display problem.


what about touchscreen manufactures that are used to work with this protocol.