PrintFlow3D download




Wondering if it comes in the devel package. Let me try something.


Whatever distro of Linux you are running now, it didn’t start with our image. Our stock image has those libs already installed. Just did a fresh test…


But that is just it, it IS from the downloads page (Rasp Pi system Image). I use the pi image, your dev install steps and then kweb install… Should I use the Vendor Specific Image?


Erasing SD card and going fresh… Will try again…


I just followed your instructions exactly and it’s all right there.


First boot now. Give me a few to get everything loaded


loaded RPI image
dev install
kweb install
sudo nano /opt/cwh/
uncomment 2 lines
sudo reboot

LogBundle (1).zip (25.5 KB)


Well this is just crazy, I just performed your steps on a clean image and it’s right there. Only thing I didn’t do was the update/upgrade… I guess I can try another fresh download from your link and install tonight. Until then, what you can do is run:
find / -name 2> /dev/null

…after each step to determine what is wiping out that directory structure. Once that comes up blank, that was the step that wiped out the bcm libraries.


Wrote RPI Image from your link:
Added SSH file to file system
find / -name 2> /dev/null
results: /opt/vc/lib/
sudo apt-get update
find / -name 2> /dev/null
results: /opt/vc/lib/
sudo apt-get upgrade
find / -name 2> /dev/null
results: /opt/vc/lib/
sudo wget -O
sudo chmod 777
sudo ./ WesGilster/Photonic3D
find / -name 2> /dev/null
results: /opt/vc/lib/
tar -xzf kweb-1.6.8.tar.gz
cd kweb-1.6.8
find / -name 2> /dev/null
results: /opt/vc/lib/
sudo vi /opt/cwh/
uncomment 2 lines
sudo reboot
find / -name 2> /dev/null
results: /opt/vc/lib/


Strangely, after I execute all of those steps, I’m left without a working XWindows environment. However, the bcm_host libraries are always available…


I also notice you have both displays available.


Yeah, that’s what I was intending to show, that the Raspberry Pi displays are available, I didn’t however expect XWindows to die in the process…

Two things are going on here:

  1. The apt-get upgrade breaks XWindows and breaks the kweb install.(Although it did not break the Raspberry Pi displays install) which implies:
  2. We both are starting with different images, or you’re running a command that I’m not aware of.


What about if we just do update/upgrade in the beginning of fresh image and not after modifications or does your dependencies rely on something that is in the latest updates?


I never suggested doing the upgrade/update in the first place. I was attempting to follow your instructions to reproduce your problem.


I understand. I was just wondering if that would work. I was always told to update/upgrade after every “install” so therefore I never tried it… Obviously there is something that is getting broken in the process


Ok. This thread really needs a level set. All you need is to have the bcm_host libraries right?

Then do this:
apt-get remove libraspberrypi-dev
apt-get install libraspberrypi-dev


Ok, well I thank you for your help to this point. Since it seems as though your are just as frustrated as myself, I will wait till the next version is released and hope that works since this one is not. I do not understand how we are getting different outcomes when we do the same procedures. I just did EXACTLY as you have listed and I do not have the display options and my screen is 1/2 showing on the 7" pi touch screen.


Have you tried the bcm uninstall and install? That will get your Raspberry Pi Force TV back.


Yes, nothing changed.