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It should be available in this is well. If not, we’ll need you to upload diagnostic for me to take a look. If it didn’t show up, we probably need to know about it.


How to upload diagnostics?


You click the download button located on the lower right of any screen of Photonic3D. Then upload the resulting file to this forum. You say it’s not in the dropdown list and you are running from our image? That’s really odd, it might be handy to give us a quick browse screen shot of your dropdown options…



Interesting. I’d like to see that diagnostic now. This will be a fun one!

#88 (41.3 KB)


You are missing some native libraries generally found on a Raspberry Pi distribution, or they are in directories that we aren’t expecting them to be in:
Native library (linux-arm/

How did you build this image?

Could you attempt to find where that file is on your distribution?


I downloaded from DL page, added .zip file to Etcher and loaded to SD card. Expanded file system, ran update/upgrade, ran your dev instructions, ran kweb instructions. I do not know how to find files, please explain?


Hmm… should be in the libraspberrypi-bin package, which is built into the image.

Have you enabled SSH on your system? If so, you can make sure that it’s installed by logging in and executing:

sudo apt-get install libraspberrypi-bin

When you do this, let me know what the output is. It is possible that certain builds of the image more than a few months old might not have had this package, but I doublechecked that it is there in the current builds. let me know what you get and i’ll dig into it. thanks!



I am using the Raspberry Pi system Image from the DL page

Latest Dev from here

and the Kweb install for 1.6.8
tar -xzf kweb-1.6.8.tar.gz
cd kweb-1.6.8


Can you run the following:

find /usr/lib -name

and post the output?




Let’s try somewhere else. What do you get for:

ls -l /opt/vc/lib






we actually use a holding page to wait untill jetty is up :slight_smile: see it here :

so basically it shows a splashscreen as soon as X windows is up and keep pinging localhost:9091 untill available and rederict by than! I can do a PR with a photonic splashscreen?


Sounds great Robin, I’ll pull it in.


Any update? I am not sure why my build shows the file is there but not in the location it is supposed to be?


No, it’s like it isn’t even installed, but it must be…

Could you try this and give us the output:
find / -name 2> /dev/null




Could you:
sudo bash

and run the command again?