Printflow connection


The people who have been working on this put many hours in this for free where Wes easily is the greatest contributor of all. He doesn’t need to help us and doesn’t owe us anything and yet he helps us!

So please appriciate his work, and show some graditute if you wish him/them to continue on the project. I greatly respect his work!


I start to doubt if the version is greatly different from the photocentric-dev version. I’ll grab a copy from the HR to be sure and if you wish I can try to clean the code up. Please tell me what you would like to have fixed and I might take a look tomorrow since I finally got some time to spare again!

I also have 2 different touchscreen theme’s which also need some cleaning up…


Dear Wes, I appreciate your help too much, you misunderstood me, when I said not to waste my time I mean there is no way to have it in my screen because of the missing references, not anything else.


Let’s see what Robin puts together, he usually can get something up and running for us. Once he’s got something available, I’ll start integrating that with the main repo and we should get something operational.

It won’t be perfect, but it should be workable.


yes I hope so, just plz mention a link for what he will put.


Hello, Does Robin put anything new ? if it is please mention the link, I will be thankful for your effort


For all of those interested, the latest development version of Photonic3D has printFlow prepackaged and running. If you already have kweb installed, printFlow will just showup on your touchscreen after a restart.

Eventually, I’ll probably turn off PrintFlow, but allow it to enabled here in the usual spot:


thanks I have crated my own GUI :slight_smile: