Printflow connection


now I’m here
Dear sir;

the cwh working properly in my raspberry pi 3.

now I have uploaded the printflow to the directory and changed the skin proprieties.
I have the printflow GUI on my localhost:9091 but it seems there is no connection between the printflow GUI and the printer.
the printflow could’t recognize the printer completely.

is there any configuration should be done for this connection.



You need to be extremely specific about the actions you’ve taken. You are saying things that make me doubt your configuration.

For example when you say there is no connection between the printflow GUI and the printer. That connection is your browser, nothing else should be “connected”.

Instead be very clear and specific about your configuration like this:

I performed a download on the printflow software:
wget []

I made a directory on my Raspberry Pi for the new GUI:
mkdir -p /opt/printflow
cd /opt/printflow

I extracted the printflow software into the following directory on my Raspberry Pi:
unzip []

I edited the file to add the skin:
[show your skin configuration in the file]


you are right.

I copied the printflow folder and paste it in cd/opt/printflow_folder
the printflow folder contains folders (css, images, js and html files) just.

in the I have changed the skins to be like that

skins=[{“name”:“Main skin”, “welcomeFiles”:[“index.html”], “resourceBase”: “printflow_folder”, “active”: true}]


I can’t quite figure out how you got that working, because “printflow_folder” is incorrect. It should be “/opt/printflow_folder” in exact case without spaces. Precisely as it exists on disk.

Also, keep in mind that you removed the old GUI as well. Perhaps you intended to do that though…


i can understand that I need other folders like (services, bootstrap, …etc) I can go back to the old GUI. just by changing the directory in the skin.

I don’t think that I’m in the true way.
may you help me to make the Printflow working ?


You are thinking too hard, those folders should already be contained in the zip file. Any GUI just needs a single root directory where everything was unzipped. That’s it.

As you can see, I can help when you are specific. However when you say “help me make it work”, that doesn’t even make sense. The key to success here is to focus on a very simple issue and resolve it. Then move to the next…


so, firstly where I can download the zip file for printflow which contains all those folders ?
is it uploaded to github ?


Are you sure it isn’t in the printflow download above? What download did you attempt. Technically, I didn’t build the printflow GUI, but I can take a quick peek.


sorry for the late replay,
yes it isn’t included. I hope I can find it.


I downloaded from GitHub, there is an edition which include the printflow GUI but without the full folders, and there is no guide for the connection between the GUI and the printer.


Please provide the link for which you’ve downloaded it. Github is very large place with many forks each fork having different code.



Do I have the possibility to have the printflow GUI working in my screen ?


That looks like it has all of the directories you need. From the screenshot it seems to be up and running for you. Is there a specific function that isn’t working for you?


yes, the connection bottom not working, so the other functions not working.
and I think that should be a configuration file to edit to be match with my printer properties.


sorry, the link that I mentioned before not working, I installed the iso image from photonic website, I just used the printflow folder from the link that I have mentioned. i don’t think it is correct way. may you declare the correct way to have the touch screen working with printflow GUI ?


Yeah, I used the link you suggested and it looks like the javascript they have checked into their repo isn’t even half operational. They are referring to variables that do not exist and several missing resources. I’m really not interested in using that as a starting point.

I suppose I could install from your image, but to be honest, I don’t find images all that convenient to use and I’m not sure which one you are using.


dear, I used the iso image from the web site, then I have copied the printflow folder from the aforementioned link. then I have changed the skin function to refer to the printflow folder, but as you said that there are missing folders.

so can we be clear now and clarify the true way to have the printflow GUI in my screen or to not wast my time ???


Let me make sure I understand this. You ask us for free help(this post) about free 3rd party software(PrintFlow) that we haven’t even written, provided me the wrong link(in your own words). Meanwhile I’ve started integrating this 3rd party software, and you have the gall to say your time is being wasted?

While I am interested in helping you get PrintFlow integrated with Photonic3D since it will help the community at large, the last thing you really need to bring up is what little time you have invested. Especially when you have yet to provide me with the precise image that you say your using.


Hi Wes,

I will provide you the skin tomorrow. The code he is referring too is quite old I think (there is ancient photocentric 3D iso link on our website which I think he used) The code I will provide you tomorrow ain’t pretty at all but it should be operational.

Kind regards