Printable files


yes I tried by using Stretch and it works good, thanks Wes for your effort and help


now I’m working on how to display the content of the usb on my GUI… it seems hard little bit. not so much familiar with javascript.


can I have the photonic3d host in the raspberry by manual installation, I mean download zip file from the github and upload to the raspberry and install it ??


I don’t know what you’re saying. Are you talking about this:


Dear Wes,

if we have used the printflow skin which you have been uploaded recently in the development version. then how we can upload a printable files ?? there is no way to upload it from the skin.


I don’t see what you are asking for. Even if there was an upload button on the touchscreen, where would you be uploading from?


it could be from the usb


If it’s from the USB stick, it will automatically upload without an interface.