Photonic3D use on Touchscreen machines

Hey guy,

i read some backgrounds and raised the question somewhere else already but I am not finding a good answer, hence searching for help here.

Here is were I am coming from:
I have a Photocentric LC10 which prints ok and is controllable from W7/W10 PC /w HDMI & Uart without problems. I now want to get away from an always on PC to RPI and Photonic.
To get around this Photocentric offers a so called Wifi enabler, basically an RPI with RPI 7" 800x480 Touch screen and custom Photonics3D on it.
RPi7" is attached to the RPis Mipi DSI Port incl an I2C touch.

I’d ideally like to replicate this setup and printflow look, I have found some images here that should do (Robin and others! Thanks!)

As the RPI 7" touch is expensive and bulky I was thinking of using either another 5" DSI 800x480 Touch TFT (some are around on eBay, that are slightly cheaper and smaller, it bassically should act as the bigger RPI screen) or one of those SPI touch and Display Data based parts.

The smaller Displays around with SPI Data and touch may not work with Photonic3D and this is what I finally want to know:

  • Can I use a cheap SPI based 3.5 - 4" TFT with touch to enable my printer with a touchscreen?
  • Or do I need the expensive& bulky DSI touchScreen from Raspberry Pi Foundation?

Getting it all running will then be the next task, but a test with my RPi3B+ showed Photonics3D running and I was able to wirelessly control up and down on my printer with this setup through the printerIPs 9091 port…