Photonic3D - KLD-1260S Settings?


Thanks to Forum members for sharing! Just unpacked my KLD-1260S printer. Happy until I realize I cannot setup the printer on Photonic3D. Can anyone help with printersettings… The printer cannot find projector or serial connections? Best regards Soren


Every single time I’ve seen this happen, it’s been cable connections.


Thanks for your reply WesGilster!

Well I have to admit. I am new to DLP and achieved the KLD-1260S new out of the box few days ago. I have good experience with filament printers and also gcodes for those type of marlin buildups.

As newbie I thought my first questions would be to understand worksflows and which software was recommended to have a first success. Then lateron I could experience with uptimize settings in g- and or mcodes to have perfect printjobs. Well I experience my machine cannot print stl files directly or files generated through the beta SLAcer software. Weird thing is observed here. The allready test file installed in printables 1111.cws can start print as the it starts up a operating rutine with turning on UV, mounts slicings on LCD lowering and raising z-axis in a sequence of preinstalled (to file). All looks good with that 1111.cws so I have confidence that the printer physically works! Unfortunately I have not much luck with the seller of the machine to help me as he says the machine worked flawlessly upon shipment!

So I am pretty worried as I experience this;

  1. I finally got the photonic3D to accept my printer and I can use menus + control (can move Z-axis up and down)
  2. Can only start a whats seems to be ok sequence with the preinstalled 1111.cws file
  3. Uploading own stl files and using SLAcer files and send to print actually starts up lowering z-axis but no UV, no LCD layout, only raise z-axis repeatedly (could be layerheight) but no raise of 2-3 mm’s followed by lowering into new layerheight as the 1111.cws files does it? So I was analyzing that I had to use CWS files for a beginning and the later on find out of the mystic with other files. (I like to generate STL files in fusion 360 and the use a slicerprogram?? and afterwards mount sliced images to Photonic3D if possible? Well downloaded a CWS and managed to produce a slice cws file but then it appears to me that it is not possible to upload thoose files into printables in Photonic3d?
  4. Well I hoped my printer was setup to do this upon unpacking but now realize that a bunch of settings to perform what is intended has to be adjusted.
  5. Problem is I Do not know what my KLD-1260 (RPi3) is capable of g-m-code wise
  6. I have to fully interact into how does this technology work optimal to be able to program it. Require a lot of youtubing and forum reading outthere. Well guess when I buy a low budget product I also have to deal with theese startup issues.
  7. Read at your Forum this:
    Any YHD-101, Aliexpress, Proniks KLD-1260 users here?

Which in one way relaxed me as others seem to have some sort of similar problems and by the end finds a solution. Tried to download their setting files and hoped to use settings in my setup . Topic is now that I cannot find directories whereto install these files (machine /slicing etc) as I use the ethernet gate access and or the one file photonic3D (which Do not have subdirectories)

By the end of the day I know I will learn much more about this technology and finally also get my machine tuned correctly -just worried about the path to success.

It would really be helpfull if anyone outhere has the magic. -eventual has been through the same proces and can in few lines instruct me / share experience.

/BR Soren


You said quite a bit there, but I’m going to skip over the stuff that you seem to have discovered for yourself. As you’ve already mentioned, your manufacturer decided to ship the printer without the gcode setup. The fastest and easiest way to get your printer to work is to remove all of your printer configurations. This will then force Photonic3D to say something like:

You haven’t setup a printer yet. Would you like to install one of these:

Then you’ll be able to choose your printer from the list. Before you do any of this, make sure you are able to restore your existing settings if you’d like to revert back.