Photocentric3D LC 10"



What I actually did was:

Both installation showed more or less the same behavior. In one of the installations I was indeed asked “Don’t have a printer installed? Try one of these:” and only LC10 could be selected.
In the other installation were different Printer types to choose from.

As far as I remember I did initially NOT touch any setting for display; I startet playing around BECAUSE the setups were not working.

But I´m quite happy for your support and will try to do a new, clean installation again.

Could you please just tell me, what image makes sense for me to use?
Are there potential issues I have to take care of during or after installation?

Many thanks!

BR, Ralf


I understand. I don’t maintain those images and I don’t have much faith in them having everything properly installed in the OS. They do actually work, but certain options aren’t available as you have just seen(Direct Raspberry Pi screens for jessie). If you aren’t interested in that they will work just fine.

Depending on screen size, you may have to perform a calibration, but generally the printer configuration should work out of the box. If not, repost here. :slight_smile:


Hello All,

Sorry to bump a really old thread, but I’ve recently got my hands on a LC 10" and would love to use it with a Raspberry Pi set-up however I’m having trouble with the included links in the thread.

I can install it on a Raspberry pi fine and control the printer but the screen doesn’t seem calibrated to the correct resolution as the parts I upload look the wrong shape.

I hope someone can help?