New machine profile doesnt print



I changed Photonic3D Photocentric files from HR to new machine profile.
Added new machine in /Photocentric3D/Photonic3D/tree/master/host/printers.
Changed file settings to look for the new profile instead of LC HR and Rpi boot config display settings.
Machine is starting up in Printflow, responds well.
Also in Photonic3D host it runs alright.

But when I try to upload file and start printing it will stop after 1 sec and throw an error.
I can delete machine profile and start again with HR profile and everything will work fine.
Is there something I have forgotten to add or change somewhere?

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Click the download diagnostic button immediately after you recreate the error. That will tell me what happened.


There you go

LogBundle (10).zip (234.5 KB)


You are using a really old outdated version of the of the Photocentric code base that doesn’t upgrade automatically on reboot. Any reason you just don’t want to upgrade?


No particular reason to me as I wasn’t doing anything with. I think there were some issues with updates last summer and therefore someone made decision not to update machines at all
any more. Same as old version wasn’t my choice.
What do you think of this code? Is there a way to get machine profile print?


Unless there is a feature that you are really attached to in that old version(unlikely), why not dump their code base and move to the mainstream Photonic3D version?

Obviously you’ll want to make sure you can restore back to the older version if you really want to.