KLD-K-200 very long cure time


i have a KLD K-200 and had a lot of printing proplems, until i found oud i need 50s cure time for a 25 micron layer. I use photocentric3d firm resin. Has anybody an idea to solve this problem?



Hi Ben,

I don’t know anything about photocentric3d resin but I have used DruckWerde and Monocure Rapid with the K200. Mine is the original design (bough November 2017) so the machines may different dependent on when they were purchased.

It was some time since I used the machine but my spreadsheet states that I got good prints using DruckWerde, 100µ layers and 15 seconds layer times.

The k200 is supposed to have roughly 80W effect over the whole surface I am upgrading to somewhere between 200-250W, there is a thread om G+ (not for long though as they are shutting down any day now) where you can find more information on this build designed by Max Nijpels.

The thread is still available here https://plus.google.com/u/0/105330624512510852686/posts/YFEeBKcdpBA