KLD 2150 T1 - Cheap and thanks to Photonic - fast


First of all huge thanks to you Photonic guys, awesome piece of software u created !

So now that my next tweaking steps will only amount to sub second gains i think im ready to share my setup :wink:

The KLD-2150-T1 is a relatively new machine with 8.9inch x / y print area which you can find on aliexpress for about 1k usd or even cheaper from taobao with and agent.

The machine is solidly build and with the price completely diying a printer is more of a question if you have fun building machines yourself rather than saving money. I do enjoy building machines myself, still bought the KLD :wink:

Setting it up has been hugely pain free, but only after that the real fun began.

As i learned resin printing mainly consists of two problems which we have to solve with a typical uv led / fep / bottom up setup: cycle times and supports.

To solve cycle times Photonic has been a huge help, i can get FTD ind clear to cure in 3,8s but its worth nothing without machine movement which can closely follow the physical limits of the machine.

With a lot of tinkering im now able to drive mechanical cycles at about 2,2s over 1000 layers incl first adhesion layers.

I might be able to get that number down to about 1.7s but them im really done :wink: ( Is anyone ever done with something ? )

Next steps for me are getting my hands on Teflon AF somehow, but that might be still some time off and switching to a TMC2100 based stepper driver as the printer becomes annoying when it moves every 4,8s

Again a huge thanks to you guys !

Latest config LogBundle (9).zip (82.3 KB)

( Only use if you know what everything does, this would have neither worked nor left my machine intact if i used it the first days )

------ Copy and paste of my tiny printer review ------

Hi guys, a quick summary for the KLD-2150 K1 i recently aliexpressed ( 8.9 inch 2560x1600 lcd panel ):

  • Out of the box the cover was cracked ( to be expected the way its packaged )
  • Spindle / stepper connector misaligned and not secured
  • Power button loose

And ( i know nobody believes me now :wink: ) that was it, everything was quickly fixed, internal wiring all good etc ( but i would really advise to check it anyway )

Problems with the working unit:

  • Rotational sway between mounting block and build plate, check comments for a fix

  • 12v 6v Buck converter only 32W same as in its smaller brothers YHD-101 / KLD 2150, despite 6x 10W ( to my best knowledge ) LEDs build in.

  • Aluminium posts connecting top and bottom plate misaligned.

  • Cover not really fitting the unit ( not enough height to allow Zs full range etc )

  • Psu only rated at 12v 5a barely enough with a proper buck converter

  • The protective film wasnt removed from the lcd and the flap to remove it hidden under the black tape. I removed the black tape completely and changed it to a much thinner electrical insulation tape as the thick black one gave me huge problems aligning the build plate first.

  • The right calibrating space between display and build plate is three layers of standard office printing paper, it needs to get stuck ever so slightly on all 4 corners of the display ( Check one after another )

  • Metal light funnel distorted, unscrew and aligned properly.

All in all no deal breakers, generally the unit has been built way better than expected:

  • Proper z Carriage

  • Ballnut screw with damping connector to the stepper

  • Solid ! all aluminium build ( results in a really heavy and stable machine )


Very cool man! Would you like to expand a bit further on why your advanced setup is a bit “extreme” for a first builder’s configuration? I’d love to push your setup as a community printer, but I’m a bit nervous.

Also, what were the issues you experienced in the Photonic setup that were ‘non-obvious’. Maybe we could work on the interface for those things?


Hey wes,

in that profile i have lift speeds up to 90 and retract at 250, if someone overcures a larger hollow model without relief holes it could both warp the fep film on pull up or worst case crush the display on retract. I got lift heights from 1.5 to 2.5mm only so pretty much anything but a perfectly prepared model will fail. Adhesion plate height and burn in layers need to be height matched, the machine base already warps a bit like this.

Theres pretty much only a single type of supports usable which can be created in netfabb which are strong enough in x/y ( dont sway when pushed down / pulled uo )

So as a starting point i think my earlier profile is better.

Theres a lot which could be improved, most of it just eye candy because all the important base functions are already implemented, ill try to make a somewhat comprehensive writeup on it tomorrow :wink:


This is my idea how the two main calculators could look like:

( including the $NumFirstLayers which isnt included in my picture )

The heights in y could be something reasonable ( ~10 for distance / 300 for lift or even better change dynamically with the heighest value from the calculator ) and the x could be pulled from resolution settings.

To make it even more fool proof the calculator box could be hidden “advanced checkbox” ( when its established that the exponential function i used is in fact the most efficient one, im not sure about that ) and replaced by “high point / low point / angle / stretch” which could directly replace values in the equation.


Ink config with two more important values

to give them more visibility


LCD Printer settings if yes hiding the Pixel density in ink configuration the shutter section and the Light Source Control in printer controls.


And now the possibly hardest nut to crack;

As i understand your not creating pngs but are directly outputting to the lcd ? This layout would enable a workaround for that so we could review slices “on demand”

I really want to try your slicer but its impossible for me to use if i dont know what it outputs :frowning: I tried the desktop version which gave me “Exception in thread “D3D Screen Updater” Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space”

And yes, im a very advanced Paint coder :smiley:


How would i go about adding this profile into my raspberry Pi install?


If you don’t already have a printer installed, Photonic3d will say something like:
Don’t have a printer installed? Try one of these…

and then you can install it…


lenne0815, what is your opinion so far of the KLD 2150 T1 - is it worth the money? I would like to print fairly large parts with it, but have not been able to find much feedback on it. Is it reliable and easy to maintain? It seems like a bargain on Aliexpress, given the print volume and resolution, though it appears you are basically on your own if anything goes wrong.


Find 500+ comments on this printer here, it should answer any question you possibly could have: https://plus.google.com/+lenne0815td/posts/GtHibtuA7TC


Thank you - very informative indeed!


Hi, I thought I would add an account of my buying experience. I bought my KLD2150, from Aliexpress, and I state without prejudice that I will not be buying anything ever from Aliexpress. Firstly, my printer also arrived with a broken cover. At least this was what I saw first as I unpacked it. I realized things were not going to go well when saw the hole in the side of the box it was packed in. To send a machine this heavy packed in a box padded with only one layer of low density Styrofoam is inviting problems. As I feared there were other issues as well when the machine was unpacked but I wont go into the full list here.

So here is the punch line - I was ignorant of the fact the Aliexpress give buyers only 3 days from delivery to lodge a complaint. So the machine arrived, my wife signed for it, I was out of town and only returned home a week later.
I tried to lodge a complaint and requested a new cover and other parts - the seller just ignored the request. I opened a dispute and asked for a replacement of the parts and again was ignored. Then some 6 weeks later Aliexpress just closed the dispute.
I have since made a new cover with appropriate clearance for the platform at full height (idiots) and sourced the other bits around the net.
So if you are going to buy one of these (and I do think they are a good option) you can buy them from eBay and you will have much better support if something goes wrong.
I am now at the point where I am ready to start using this device, finally. And I really appreciate the insights I have found in this forum. Thank you.


Wow, sounds terrible man sorry to hear it!


Hi Wes,
Apologies for the tardy reply. My mail client trapped the reply notification as spam and I ave to get used to checking the thread:)
Yeah that’s the way it goes but I am so glad I stumbled on this forum and specifically this thread. Lenne has provided an invaluable set of insights here and I am sure I’ll get my unit going as soon I get moment to try his configs out.
Its a case of navigating work and family commitments to generate the time to disappear into the office and work on the printer, This is a new endeavor for me, and so different to my old FLD printer. Just gotta get my head around this. Cheers and thanks for the thought.