Incorrect rotation of the image


solved by adding display_rotate=1 to config.txt

hi, i´m a beginer printing 3D. I try to make my first print and i have some problem that can´t fix. Maybe tou can help me.
Sorry by my english and my lack of knowledge

I have a printer KLD-LCD 1260. For the slice I use CW and Photonic3d in windows 10 to print.

When I try to print a .cws file, the image loaded well, the PRINT JOB page shows me
the slice images in a correct position, but the image in the proyector is rotated
on the Y axis. An exact issue was posted already (Rotation problem)

Reading others post in the forum i found that my interface does not have the options to customize in the PRINTABLE page as the following image shows.

I see the file loaded in the left menu but when click to see the CUSTOMIZE options doesn´t show nothing.

I dont know how to continue to solve it

I would greatly appreciate your help´. Thanks!!!