Image stretching weirdness


I posted this on Google+ so apologies if you have read this already.

I have a KLD-LCD1260 with Photonic3D installed which has a recurrent problem that is becoming more frequent. Even though Photonic3D appears to project the image correctly as seen in the job, the image gets smeared over the width of the screen resulting in the horrible print seen below. It was supposed to be a ring, and fortunately in this case someone accidentally pulled the plug half way through otherwise it would have wasted even more resin.

So, anyone have an idea why this happens? Is there a more recent/better firmware out there, and if so where, and how do I flash it to the card, or is the issue something else entirely?


I’m not sure what you mean by “smeared”. When you execute the print without resin do the images display properly?


The bottom picture is what was supposed to print, but the top is what is displayed.


Well that is strange. Is that the very first slice that’s bad? I’m wondering if you have a resolution problem with your Raspberry Pi?


Aha, I thought about that as well, but the resolution is not the issue, since I displayed a test grid and that was fine, but with loads of weirdness in the middle. I think the screen has a problem. Every layer comes out like that.


Are you sure you don’t have some wacky customizer setup? Does the slice display fine when you click “project image” from the Printables page?


Don’t think so. This was happening randomly, and now almost all the time. I even installed nanodlp to see if it happened with that and I got the same results.


Does the screen ever work consistently on anything?Do you have access to a second screen you could test?

Also, to help you out on troubleshooting, you have to give definitive answers to questions. Otherwise you’ll get non definitive answers back.


Well, the screen was working correctly at times, and sometimes had this weird image. I have ordered a new screen in the hopes that its a hardware problem, so that will help narrow things down.

Is there anything else I can fill in? I’m too new to know what issues I am not addressing.


Here is a video of the screen in action:

It’s displaying a test grid.


Wow, yeah. I’m no expert, but that looks like a bad screen.


Just what I suspected, great to get a second opinion so thanks!


I would reseat the flex cable for the lcd if you haven’t already tried that. Hopefully the problem isn’t under the glue somewhere.