How to Customize?



We are a small 3D printer manufacturer in India. Commonly we support FDM.
We are planning to build a resin based 3d printer.
Is it possible to customize the photonic3d interface UI?
Do I want to pay for that?
How to customize the UI, is there any help/ tutorials ?



hi @cerinabraham ,

It is completely possible to cusomize the UI. The default UI can be found here:

So you are able to costumize it yourself. Keep in mind though we use angularJS so it’s a little bit different than ordinary html.

Although if you don’t want to do it yourself I’m sure one of the developers wouldn’t be mind to get hired to do this for you.

Kind regards,



Hi @Robin,

Thank you for the soon reply. It’s a great pleasure to have a person like you
Can you do it for me ? How much will be your hiring charge ?

I need a UI similar to ‘photocentric 3d PrintFlow3D’ & a touch panel to control(standalone).

Can I upload file from usb for printing as standalone ?



Hi @Robin,

Can you please send the details to my email (



The entire front end of Photonic3d is designed to be unplugged and rebranded. In fact, when we rewrote the front end of Photonic3D I just simply changed the directory in the hostGUI=[new directory]

Robin mentioned that we are using Angular for our JS framework, that’s completely by choice. You can choose any front end javascript framework that your web developers are familiar with.

We’ve also built custom front ends for Photonic3D and Robin has quite a bit of experience in that area.

To answer your final question, yes Photonic3D supports USB uploading when this feature is turned on:


Awesome. I’m glad we could help.


I have configured rpi to use a 3.5 inch touch over gpio. So when starting up, it loads the default black screen and awaiting the printable source over the server application. Now the question: how to load the host printflow3d application on that screen to control the printer? Do i have to configure hostGUI to photocentric/printflow?


The printflow application is just a couple more html and js files thrown into the hostGUI=[new directory]

directory that is shipped with the Photocentric distribution. To “run” that application you simply browse to those files in your browser. The Photocentric distribution uses an embedded browser and then browses to those httml and js files.


Is the above mentioned link for this GUI? If not, where can I find something like this?