Holes in 3d printers


Why are the holes printed smaller?




We are pretty good at figuring out what people mean, but it’s possible that you may need to give us a bit more than that.


I think what @Tillman means is that the holes in his 3D print appear smaller than they were in his part. This is simply caused by overcuring or wrong display settings of your printer.


Yes, exactly. that’s what I mean.


I have the same problem too. It almost occured as working with FDM technology ( the tolerance is about ~0,2-0.35mm diameter smaller than design theory ).
With SLA/DLP 3D printer, I usually change the time exposure after experiments. If the holes are smaller, let’s decrease time exposure and similar with the bigger one
Im using máy in 3D wanhao LCD based technology <3


Wow, very nice prints.