Future / Feature Development


Is there any development going on with the Photonic software?

Both this forum and Github seem quite quiet.


I’m not actively working on it and I think the other are not either… I am though thinking of starting with 3d printing again so who knows :-)! And if you have any exciting feature requests who knows it might get me excited and help you out :slight_smile:


As far as I know most of the current 3D resin LCD printers use one central LED and that cause some problems when printing larger parts. The Photonic3D way of addressing this issue is to use a circular mask but getting that “right” cause some trouble.

What I want to do is to include some sort of illumination profiler test prints that preferably could be included in the software.

Based on the experience of the “photon-resin-calibration” (https://github.com/altLab/photon-resin-calibration) I have (without success) been experimenting with creating an “illumination coverage test pattern” as an initial test to get a feel for the illumination coverage.

I have come to the conclusion that the way the Photonic3D interpret the “run” file of a .zip file is that it expects the lift commands (that I deleted) to have a number of png files (16) projected at an interval (1second each) WITHOUT raising the platform between every image. This way I expected to be able to figure out the time needed to cure the resin a different parts of the build plate.

I beleive this could be very beneficial for anyone using the Photonic3D software as a means to profile the mask needed to produce even light over complete build surface.

Hope this makes sense =)