Feature change request: Store printable on pi SD card


This isn’t a big deal, but after a power failure, the pi loses it’s memory of any uploaded files. I wonder if it is possible to put a check box for “store on SD card” for a specific file that one might want to use all the time, like a test file. Again, I know it isn’t a big deal, because you have to talk to the pi through your browser anyway, but one might consider that a future version of a printer might have a touch screen that you can touch a button to re-print the last item, or print a test file, so this would have to be stored on the SD card.


Yes finally more prove I’m not crazy haha! The files should already remain on the SD card and Wes (main developer) wasn’t able to reproduce… Probably it’s easy to by just moving the files somewhere else on the SD card :slight_smile: should be a quick fix ;)!


There’s a bug open for it somewhere, the underlying issue is that uploads are currently stored into /tmp.


This should be fixed in the dev version Wes just released ;)! I will test it :slight_smile: