Feature change request : printer autostart


I noticed that we can have multiple printer profiles, which is great, however, if one clicks the check box in more than one profile to auto start, the interface seems to lock up for a while. ( I know, this is operator error and I should not have had more than one checked.) I have discovered that if I uncheck auto-start on all printers, then the interface is snappy to respond to a start of a specific profile, so I suggest you put a little notice in this section that if one printer has already been selected for auto-start, then it won’t let you check the box for additional printers.

Verification: When all printers are unchecked for auto-start, from power up of the pi, it takes 19 seconds to get to the active dashboard state, and then I can immediately start any printer I select.

And of course, now that I’m typing this and I try to reproduce the error, it isn’t happening when I select multiple printers to auto start. But I swear, It was locked up earlier and I had to reboot to start over… Perhaps you can make this a low priority change request…


So here is the tricky part. Technically Photonic 3D can control as many printers as you have enough monitors and serial ports connected. This essentially means there is nothing wrong with having 6 printers autostarting as long as they don’t share any common resources. So the feature request you may want to open is “don’t allow printer configurations with common resources to be autostarted.” However that opens a whole new can of worms when you start thinking about com port autodetection and some of the other options. Each of these options have specific functions for different situations:

Autodetect 3d printer firmware: Nice for a single printer firmware setup.
Autodetect projector: Nice for a single projector setup.
First available serial port: Nice for a single projector or firmware, but not both.
LastDetectedDisplay: This is pretty handy when you are driving from a laptop and you want to use the second display for your projector


I understand the reasoning now, but perhaps a note next the check box will make other new users aware. I have now unchecked autostart on all profiles, and it behaves much better. Eventually I will settle on a permanent profile and let it autostart, but right now I like to play with several options.


I suppose I could still give users a warning message. Just because a capability exists, doesn’t mean it’s a common event to have multiple printers started at once.