Dual monitors


Dear Wes,

how to solve this issue which have been referenced here in this link


Are you asking how to enlarge the screen? kweb is automatically started with the parameters “-KZJE”.

If you’d like the screen enlarged, try adding something like this “-KZJE++++++”. That will enlarge the screen by 60%

This doc explains the parameters to kweb:


Thanks Wes for your replay, but it does not work

in the config.text file I have to configure my hdmi port that’s the problem. when I used the configuration of the hdmi then the dsi lcd also changed.


Above, you are referencing another post from a user that was having trouble resizing printflow in kweb. Now you’re sort of implying that you are having a problem with your hdmi port. Your first step is to ensure both of your displays are operational. The Raspberry Pi forums are designed for that purpose. Once both screens are operational, Photonic3D will just use them.The first screen configured to use XWindows/Linux Desktop, will be used by kweb to “browse” to printflow. Photonic3D will use the native dispmanx drivers via the Display called “Raspberry Pi Force TV” in order to print on the second screen.


okay dear wes sorry for confusion,
the exact problem is the png image shown rotated in the display. when I configure the display to be in correct way the touch screen got affected by this configuration and rotated to wrong way. thanks