Devlopping a few things


Hi There.

I ahve a few ideas that i want to help develop… incase someone else dont want to pick it up - but i have never done any java programming, so what would be the best environment? in running this on a Pi if it makes any difference.

My ideas are:

  1. 16x4 (or 16x2) i2c lcd display to inform user about progress, when its done ect… perhaps backed by either a SOAP/REST or httpget service

  2. the mask… creating a UV sensitive device that can measure the UV light difference in grid, and transform this into the mask used…

The light measureing mudule would be a sensor like this:

and then connected to the PI using a ADC like

And then a simple button that are being pressed when the sensor is in a cell in the grid.


That would be awesome. Let us know how we can help. You can checkout the Docs area to get a good idea for how these things would implemented…