Dazz L120 Pro

LCD DLPs are starting to come down in price, unfortunately most of them come with terrible software.

Dazz is no exception.

There’s one feature I’m particularly worried about carrying over. There is a wiper in the Dazz printer that allows you to agitate the vat if you’re printing ceramic resin or metal resin. It’s job is twofold, to move poorly printed or broken support clutter off of the build area, and to agitate the resin so the ceramics or metal doesn’t settle to the bottom of the build area.

Anyhow, I imagine this will just be gcode that’s passed to the printer every so often between layers.

Any idea of how I could implement this gracefully?

Depends on how you slice. If you let Photonic slice you can just add it into the Gcode template. Otherwise just add it into the slices of your choice.