Creation workshop


What is the relation between Creation workshop and photonic 3d?
Same developper?


@toni we don’t have a relationship with Creation Workshop at all! In the early days we supported printing .cws files (from creation workshop) so that is why it was called cwh (creation workshop host) but since we became way more we renamed the project to photonic3d ;)!


…and we do still support cws files from Creation Workshop.


Thank you!!!
But what is the best? sorry, because Im a new bie at DLP priner!


There isn’t a “best”. For example, if you have a 2d file that you want to print on a 3d printer. Just upload the 2d file and print it. If you have models that you have saved as CWS files, you should print those. If the print is simple enough and small enough, just print the stl file. Photonic3D is incredibly powerful allowing you lot’s of print options.


whoops sorry if I seemed to make the implication it didn’t! Wes is right ofcourse!