Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing technology



I have a Top-Down DLP 3d printer.
Can i used photonic3d software for Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing technology or CLIP Technology printers!?

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It really isn’t so much about whether it’s supported, it’s more a question of how many features can you have enabled in Photonic3D before CLIP is no longer performant. From what I understand, the demands that CLIP imposes on software aren’t really that demanding. For example, my laptop is able to slice an STL file(CornerBracket_2.stl 117k) during the exposure times(set at 1 second). Let me know if I’m wrong, but I don’t know of any printing software that is currently doing that.
Now, I will say that as the complexity of the model increases(and the size), the slice on the fly will not become feasible with CLIP. At that point you’ll need to fall back on the way that every other printer software works which means we’ll require a “slicing preparation step”.

Here were the stats I printed with:
Started: 2017-06-03 00:20:20
Complete: 2017-06-03 00:24:41Time: 00:04:20
Average Slice Time: 1,003msTotal Cost: $0.60
Status: Completed STL 3D Model
Slice height: .1
Total Height: 25mm

Let me know if there was a specific feature you were looking for us to implement.