Build Take Picture and Build Video


I´m new to photonic3d and I noticed two options in print jobs page, what are they for ? I click that nothing happens, when I click download, it generates a log file, I was expecting a video or photo file. Could anyone clarify this information and explain how it works ? I couldn´t find anything on internet. Tks.



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If your running photonic3D from a raspberry pi and you hook up a raspberry pi camera the video function should work automatically.

I’m not sure which download button you pressed but if it is the small one at the bottom of every page it should indeed download the log bundles. When you are having problems we can use those to help you fix it :slight_smile:!


I´m using a KLD-1260S, it is raspberry, but it has no camera or usb access. Tks Robin.


If there is no camera connected to the pi than you will be unable to use the video and picture functionality! So you can just ignore this windows. Sorry about that!


Can I use an external camera ?


I believe we support some usb webcams… But I’ll need to check that :confused:


Yes we do.

  1. Live streaming video & picture capture.
    We support any web cam that has the ability to capture a picture and send it to sysout via a command line interface.

  2. Video recording to mp4 files:
    We support any web cam that can stream raw h264 video(most common hardware format) to sysout via command line interface.

That’s an extremely broad set of devices if you include ffmpeg and other tools, however you may need a custom command line string in your here:

#0=x(width), 1=y(height) imagingCommand=["raspistill", "-t", "1", "-n", "-w", "{0}", "-h", "{1}", "-o", "-"] streamingCommand=["raspivid", "-ih", "-w", "{0}", "-h", "{1}", "-n", "-t", "0", "-o", "-"]

If you find that your web cam isn’t supported, let us know the make and model and we’ll see what we can do for you.


you should use other tools to record video or screen on computer.
Fonelab screen recorder is highly recommended to you.
It is easy to use so suitable for beginner.