Anyone using the X and Y jog frequently?


I’m thinking whether we can make the Z jog buttons bigger to make them easier to use on a phone, and to make the X and Y jog buttons folder underneath some kind of tap/gesture to open button.

My understanding is that the X and Y jog buttons would be more used for machines with mechanical tilt/sweep mechanisms, but I don’t know whether those types of machines would need to have those axes actuated frequently.

Any opinions?


I agree completely. Some of the less useful functions need to be less prevalent. The same goes for much of the functions under the customizer. Lot’s of goodies, but most don’t get used often enough to take up so much screen real estate. I think you had the same concerns about the customizer screen when all of that functionality became available. There are a ton of ways that good GUIs can hide those functions without eliminating the functionality completely.

Accordion maybe? I’d like to hear opinions as well.


You could make a single big jog ( default z ( + speed ! )) button array and an axis selector, thats the way it works on most cnc pendants.