Allow firmware updating from within Photonic3D rPi


OctoPrint has an add on that allows you to use avrdude to update the firmware from within it’s UI. I would be nice to do the same with Photonic3D perhaps as an additional feature under the Settings menu.


Yeah, in fact Photonic3D already ships with avrdude compiled for each OS we support(not MacOS). It would be pretty easy to support that and was my original intent. I just haven’t gotten around to supporting it in the GUI yet…

Wes G.


If you already know your manufacturer’s site where you can download the firmware, then you can add a ScheduledTask in Photonic3d so it would install and download automatically. Here is an example of how to perform a directory listing in Windows every night at 1:15am…[{“taskName”:“Show directory listing in Windows every night at 1:15am”, “taskClassName”:“org.area515.resinprinter.actions.osscript.ExecuteNativeOSCommandRunnable”, “cronString”:“15 1 * * *”, “taskSettings”:{“shellCommands”:[“cmd”, “/c”, “dir”]}}]

Eventually I’d like to make the command available in the settings panel as you suggest.


Actually I use this feature all the time in OctoPrint as I modify and test various features within Marlin so I wouldn’t trust the manufacturer to be as current as what I am already doing. This is good to know that it is already supported. A GUI for firmware upgrades just makes it more end user friendly.


That’s true, it’s not for everyone. I quick wrote up this page to describe it a bit further.

Yes, the GUI would be nicer. I’m hoping someday a developer will pick up and extend the interface with all of the features that Photonic3D actually supports.